The Nakshatras or Star constellations

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First the zodiac was divided into 12 main rasis, to study the effects of the planets placed there. Then the ancient seers added another sub divisional system of breaking down the zodiac into 27 Nakshatras or star constellations. Each nakshatra has a span of 13 degrees and 20 minutes.   After that each nakshatra was further subdivided into 4 Padas, or quarters, of 3 degrees and 20 minutes. Hence the first zodiac sign Aries, which has 30 degrees, contains the entire 4 padas (13:20′) of the 1st star constellation Ashwini, the entire 4 padas (13:20′) of the 2nd star constellation Bharani and the 1st pada (3:20′) of the third star constellation Krittika. So each rasi contains total 9 padas. These nakshatras belong to three main groups: Deva or divine, Manusha or human and Rakshasa or Demonic. They have different ruling deities, owned by different planets and have divergent qualities. Hence while studying the effects of a planet placed in Aries, it is also studied in which nakshatra it is placed and in which pada of that nakshatra it is placed.

This system of analysis exists only in Indian astrology.The nakshatra in which your moon is placed at the time of your birth is called your Janma Nakshatra. This janma nakshatra has also got its influence on you.  The following table shows the names of the 27 nakshatras in their zodiacal order. Click on each to know more about their qualities, ruling planets and deities etc.

If you don’t know your Nakshatra click here to use onsite instant calculator
1 –  Ashwini
2 – Bharani
3 – Krittika
4 – Rohini
5 – Mrigasira
6 – Arudra
7 – Punarvasu
8 – Pushyami
9 – Aslesha
10 – Magha
11 – P.Phalguni
12 – U.Phalguni
13 – Hasta
14 – Chitra
15 – Swati
16 – Visakha
17 – Anuradha
18 – Jyestha
19 – Moola
20 – P.Ashadha
21 – U.Ashadha
22 – Shravana
23 – Dhanishta
24 – Satabhistha
25 – P.Bhadra
26 – U.Bhadra
27 – Revati


The effects Numbers

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This number is absolutely free. This signifies the sense of ego, self-dependence, promises, strong stamina and personality something different. The Sun is its symbol.


Number 2 is associated with mind. This exemplifies mental disposition, emotion and feeling, sense of sympathy, hatred, dilemma etc. Moon is its symbol.


Number 3 represents vastness. This number helps the native achieve success in all walks of life and develops his mental disposition. This also enhances the sphere of wealth of the native. Jupiter is the lord of this number.


This number, personality, worldly pleasure, property and prosperity, achievement etc. are considered. Herschel or Rahu is its lord.


This number represents trade and business, employment, agriculture, food grains, mental faculty and speaking power. It also represents, moral sense and journeys. Mercury is its lord.


By the number of 6, conjugal life, love affairs, love marriage, mutual relation, cooperation etc. are considered. This also represents the inclination of the person towards music, art, acting and art of dancing. Venus is its lord.


This number signifies mutual understanding, partnership, adjustment, contract, peace, etc. and creates bitterness. Neptune or Ketu is its lord.


This is the number of Saturn. The number saves the native from physical, mental and financial weaknesses, reconstruction loss, death, agony etc. Saturn is its lord, which is the symbol of Yam.


This is the last number in the order of numbers. It causes friction and struggle, battle, anger, courage etc. and creates division, resentment and inquisitiveness. Mars is its lord, who is the god of battle.

The mankind has always been under the influence of the planets. Renowned dramatist Shakespeare has shown in his famous play ‘As you like it’ how do the planets affect the different stages of man’s life, which is mentioned below:

From 1 to 4 years-Childhood-Changeability-Effects of Moon, number 2

From 4 to 12 years- Education-Knowledge-Effects of Mercury, number 5

From 12 to 22 years-Love affairs-Love Marriage-Effects of Venus, number 6

From 22 to 41 years-Ambition- Strength- Splendor-Effects of the Sun, number 1.

From 41 to 56 years-concentration of mind, Intensity-Effects of Mars, number 9.

From 56 to 68 years-Adulthood-Fulfilment of desires- Effects of Jupiter, number 3

From 68 to 98 years-Downfall- Whacky nature-Effects of Saturn, number 8.

Power of the Number

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Every number has a certain power based on the mysterious relations among the things and the mysteries of the nature. The man came to know this when he gave an order to the numbers as 0,1,2,3,4,5, 6,7,8,9 and fixed a symbol for every of these numbers. Here the power of each number is given below:


This represents the infinity. It is both Sookshma and Brihad i.e. subtle and vast. It has unending (Anant) and unlimited (Aseem) power and it is the source of origin of every thing. All the stars in the sky, mass of light, entire solar system, galaxies, reproductive power, transit of planets, their orbits are the matters of the unlinited Universe. The energy of the whole world is embeded in it. You may go on a trip around the world or the globe, you will come to the point, from where you had started. So, the zero has the unlimited power since there is every thing there in it.


Number 1 is used as a symbol of theory of positivity and dynamism. This number is used in word also that expresses the infinity and unspoken. This represents ego. It represents, soul Atmatva, self-dependence, excellence, sanctity and administration. From religion point of view, the Sun, the lord of all the planets, is thought to be the God Almighty. Therefore, this number represents God also. This denotes synthesis and integrity of the things. A man is a unit and part of life, so this number represents the man also. This has originated from Zero and represents the Sun.


Number 2 represents contrariety. So, both dynamism and idleness are there in it. This indicates both masculine and feminine. This represents both success and failure. Besides, it represents win and defeat, profit and loss, positivity and negativity and Poornima and Amavasya also.


Number 3 is a 3 dimensional number. It represents three qualities of a man-wisdom, strength and consciousness. It represents Brahma, the creator, Vishnu, the protector and Mahesh, the destroyer. This represents also three members of a family-mother, father and the child. The number symbolises the soul, body and the mind. This denotes vastness. This represents planet Jupiter.


Number 4 represents reality and stability. It is a square-shaped and cubical number and represents the world. It indicates materialistic outlook, mundane trends, logic, cause and science. It signifies feeling and wisdom of a person. This is a combination of Swastik, Vidhi Chakra and the order of numbers. This signifies the differeence between conciousness, wisdom, conscience, spirituality etc. Herschel/ Rahu is its planet.


Number 5 is the symbol of vastness. This represents the mutual relation of the mental faculty and decision-making capacity a person. This renders wisdom, conscience and thinking power. This symbolizes justification, seed sowing, reaping of harvest and food grains. In the mundane world, it is the symbol of reproduction, Pitritva and punishment. So, this number is like the bead of a pomegranate having many qualities in it. This is the symbol of Mercury.


Number 6 symbolizes mutual cooperation. This enables the conjugal life of a couple and indicates the reciprocal love between the two. It keeps the mutual understanding balanced. This represents world, worldly pleasure, spiritual world and spiritual pleasure. This makes the mental faculty and physical capability blossom. This shows the divine quality, to examine the mental faculty, sympathy, etc. This represents para psychology, telepathy etc. It gives capacity to cooperate, peace, harmony and quality of satisfaction. This signifies aestheticism and truth. This helps achieve goal and symbolizes the cohabitation and mutual relation between a man and a woman. Venus is its planet.


Number 7 signifies completeness. This also signifies the time, space, place and distance. By this number, one may predict weakness, senility, tolerance, steadiness and immortality. This symbolizes Saptadwip, Saptayug and seven days of a week. This signifies the seven kinds of promises, maturity of a man or a woman and different forms of sound and colours. Completeness of a man or a woman, his or her progress, wisdom, balance of mind etc. are also indicated by this number. This is the symbol of planet Neptune or Ketu.


The number of 8 signifies disintegration. It is the symbol of cycle of development and the spirituality of the nature. It symbolizes action, reaction and disintegration. It is the symbol of cycle of development and spirituality of the nature. It symbolizes action, reaction, disintegration, separation, destruction, chaos, bifurcation etc. It helps a man or a woman explore intuition in him or her, development of wisdom etc. With the help of this number, the unsteady nature of the person gets pacified but on the contrary, it inspires the mankind commit mistakes. This also causes mental distress. Saturn is its planet.


Number 9 causes reproduction. This signifies spirituality, rebirth, development of organs of senses, progress, sense of premonition and voyage. This also signifies state of dreaming, events to take place and helps listen to the sound in atmosphere. With the help of this number, one can develop vibration, sensitivity, waves and current in him. The number makes a person adept in the art of archery and bellicosity and enables him simplify the mysteries of Astrology. This is the symbol of thinking, evil spirits and mysteries and Mars as well.

Mysterious Power of the Numbers

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We see different things arounds us in different forms. If mixed, two or more colours make some different ones. For instance, if yellow and red colours are mixed, we get orange colour as a result. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of colours can be made this way. But, basically there are only seven colours as we see in a rainbow. These seven colours can be observed by a prism in the sunlight. Though if seen without a prism or a thing like this, the sunlight looks colour less. Sunlight is the root of these seven colours.

All the five essential elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether-are found there in every thing seen. These elements are mixed in different ratio and through different ways. Some things have an element in abundance whereas the same element in some other thing is less than that. This is true that the whole world is made of these five essential elements. These elements have originated from the sky-air from sky, fire from air, water from fire and earth from water. ‘Sound’ is the attribute of the sky, ‘touch’ of air, luminosity (from) of fire, taste of water and smell is the attribute of earth. As the sky is the base of all the matters in the world, so ‘sound’ is the chief quality of all the things. This is why sound has been called ‘Shabd Brahma’ i.e. sound is the symbol of the Almighty. All the words are the symbols of Brahma. But the qualities and effects of the words are different. The power of every word can be measured by transforming it into number. If chanted 7000 times, a word achieves its totality whereas some other word achieves its completeness after being chanted 17000 times.

Our Rishis and Maharshis were well acquainted with the relation between the number and the word. Therefore the Mantra of the Sun should be chanted by 7000 times, of Moon by 11000 times, of Mars by 10,000, of Mercury by 9000, of Jupiter by 19000, of Venus by 16000 , of Saturn by 23000, of Rahu by 18000 and that of Ketu should be chanted by 17000. There are 5 letters there in the Mantra of a deity whereas in that of some other there are 9 or 22 and so on. So, there is a close relation between the word and the number which is scientific. Number and act (deed) are closely associated with each other . Zero represents the Nirakar and Nirvikar Brahma whereas ‘1’ represents the Advait form of the same. It means that like the word, the number is also the base of all the things. The sky is considered to be Zero. Both the word and the number have originated from Zero. There would not have been a provision for making a rosary of 108 beads in our scriptures had there not been a relation between a number and a thing. Every number has got its importance. Chanting of a Mantra on a rosary of 25 beads gives Moksha, on a rosary of 30 beads it gives wealth, on a rosary having 27 beads accomplishment of self interest, on a rosary of 54 beads fulfilment of desires and on a rosary of 108 it gives accomplishment of all Siddhis. But in Abhichar Karm, a chanting on a rosary of 15 beads is sufficient. What is the mystery behind a rosary of 108 beads? The Sun completes an orbit at it completes its transit in a sign.

There are 360 degrees (Amshas) in an orbit. Thus if we want to change the degrees into Kalas, we should multiply the degrees of 360 by 60. We shall get 21600 Kalaas(Phases) as its product. The Sun remains in summer solstice for six months when it is on north equator and for six months in winter solstice while it is to the south of equator. These two states of the Sun are called Uttarayan and Dakshinayan respectively. Now, if we divide this sum total of 21600 into two parts we shall get 10800 as its product. Here is an other method of calculation. The period between one sunrise to the next is said to be equal to 60 Gharis. There are 60 Palas in a Ghari and 60 Vipalas in 1 Pala. Thus, if we multiply 60 Gharis by 60 Palas and then the product by 60 Vipalas, we shall get 216000 as Vipalas. Now, if this total of 21600 Vipalas is divided two parts, we shall get 108000 Vipalas for day and 108000 for night. Our ancient Rishis had made the ‘Kaala’, i.e. time and ‘Samkhya’ i.e. the number their base of calculation as it is done today in a scientific way in terms of rupees, paise, measurements etc. The number of 108000 is the result of this very equation. If the last three Zeroes are removed according to the decimal system, we shall get 108. Our ancient Rishis had developed a system through which the qualities of a man could be known by making out the sum total of his name and all the letters there in it. Jaya Parajaya Chakras have been cast somewhere later in this regard. Numerology, the science of Mantras etc. help us find as to who is the debtor of whom between the two-the debtor or the lender because the act of giving and taking is done by numbers itself. See Tantrasar in this connection. Today the scientists find out as to which eatable has how much nutritives in it by calculating its chalories. Likewise, which name a person will be stronger than any one else by changing his name into numbers.

The name of a man is his entity. According to some sholars, the conciousness of a man remains active even while he is sleeping. This keeps him concious. A man sleeping among some people awakes if he is called by his name. This has been mentioned in Narapati Jaya Charcha that the name of a man should be kept into consideration by which he is called and awaken. The ‘name’ and the ‘number’ have been proved helpful in prediction from the very beginning of the history of mankind. There is a coordination between a particular number and the thing related with it like a television, which telecasts a particular programme it has been set for. It has been proved by new researches that some insects can communicate their messages to insects of the same group. Here again the example of television can be cited as done earlier. If the insects are put in different places in different groups in garden, they all will gather in a single group at a certain point of the garden.

It was found during a research that some flies of a particular kind, divided into two groups and both the groups were kept several miles away from each other, gathered in a single group after a short while. Scatter some grains of corn in a jungle and birds will come to peck them. Spread some sugar, ants will pounce upon it. Take the dead body of an animal to a lonely place and leave it there, soon the vultures and kites will start hovering over it. Tie a goat or a buffalo with a tree in a forest, a lion will come to eat it up. It means, that things of same group get attracted to each other. Similarly, persons having number 1 will be attracted to each other. This is a general rule. Numerologists know that number ‘1’ will prove favourable for a man having number ‘1’ as his radical number and he will have friendship with some number ‘1’ people. Likewise, number ‘2’ will prove to be favourable for a man having the same number as Radical number and he will enjoy friendship with a man of the same category of number. Absolute explanation of Numerology is not possible. Why only 18 Chapters are there in Bhagvadgita ? Why do we have only 18 Parvas there in the Mahabharat ? What is the scientific reason behind the number of Puranas 18 in number? The sum total of this ’18’ is 1+8=9. Why? We can merely follow the path shown by our ancient saints and sages. Why are there only 12 Skandhas in Shrimadbhagvat? The 10th Skandha was so large that it had to be divided into two parts- ‘Poorvardh’ and ‘Uttarardh’. So, why was the scripture not divided into 13 skandhas ? Why only 12? Why the Parayan of the Ramayan was performed in 9 days and that of the Mahabharat in 7 days? Why are only 24 letters there in Gayatri ? Why only the Saptapadi is performed in marriage? Why is Chaturthi performed for Ganesh, Ashtami for Durga, Saptami for the Sun, Ekadashi for Vishnu and Pradosh Vyapini Troyodashi for Rudra? All these questions related to Numerology can not be explained here. Numerology is very deep. you can benefit yourself by studying deeply the rules mentioned in it and can find as to which is unfavourable.


To Prove the Authenticity of Numerology

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251214 = 6 251214612351 = 6 15411=3

The name number of Brahma is also 6, who is the controller of the world.


221541 = 6 3516 = 6

The name number of Bharat is 6. Numbers and 9 are the friends of number 6. India became independent on 15.08.1947 after a long period of slavery. The Radical number of 15 is 6 and sum total of Samyoktank or lucky number of 15.08.1947 is 8. Numbers 1 and 8 are the friends of the lucky number 8. An analysis of effects of Radical number 6 and its friends 3 and 9 along with the effects of lucky number of 8 and its friends 1 and 4 on India after independence is made here under:

Table of Anka Mitrata

Planet Number Friend Neutral Enemy

Sun 1 4, 8 2, 3, 7, 8 5. 6

Moon 2 7, 9 1, 3 4 6 5, 8

Jupiter 3 6, 9 1, 2 5 7 4, 8

Hersch. 4 1, 8 2, 6, 7, 9 3, 5

Mercury 5 3, 9 1, 6, 7, 8 2, 4

Venus 6 3, 9 2, 4, 5, 7 1, 8

Neptune 7 2, 6 3, 4, 5, 8 1, 9

Saturn 8 1, 4 2, 5, 7, 9 3, 6

Mars 9 3, 6 2, 4, 5, 8 1, 7

Events that took place due to the Radical number 6

Radical Date Series of events


6 6.4.1920 Famous Dandi March of Mahatma Gandhi

6 15.8.1947 India became free

6 15.81947 Pt. J.L. Nehru became the Prime Minister

6 24.01.1950 Dr. Rajendra Prasad was elected President

6 15.12.1950 Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel died

6 15.9.1953 Smt. Vijaya Lakshimi Pandit became the chair person of the eigth session of General Assembly of UNO

6 24.10.1954 Food Minister Rafi Ahmad Kidwai died

6 15.8.1955 28 Satyagrahis were shot dead by Goa Police.

6 6.2.1965 Former chief Minister of Punjab was shot dead

6 6.9.1965 Indo-Pak battle began

Smt. Indira Gandhi 

V.V. Giri

Morarji Desai

6 24.01.1966 Smt. Indira Gandhi became P.M.
6 15.3.1967 President’s rule in Rajashtan ended. Indira Gandhi sworn in as P.M.

6 24.8.1969 V.V. Giri became President

6 24.08.1974 Fakharudhin Ali Ahmad became President

6 24.1.1977 Morarji Desai sworn in as P.M.

6 6.61977 Wheat became dearer by 65 Rupees Per quintal

6 24.7.1977 Bail Petition of Laloo Yadav was denied by the Patna High court

6 6.4.1980 BJP was formed

6 15.11.1980 Six more commercial banks were nationalized

6 15.111982 Acharya Vinoba Bhawe died

6 24.7.1985 Panjab Agreement

6 6.7.1985 Assan agreement

6 6.7.1986 Jagjivan Ram died

6 24.8.1991 Bharataratma was conferred on Morarji Desai

6 24.12.1991 A Delhi Found Airbus 300 of Indian Airlines was hijacked to Lahore having 189 passenger
on board

6 24.4.1993 Panchayati Raj Act was passed

6 24.4.1993 Delhi Found Srinagar Boei 737 of Indian Airlines was hijacked having 141 passengers & and 6 crew members. It was hijacked to Amritsar, though the hijackers wanted to take it to Kabul

6 24.5.1994 Panchayati Raj Act came into force.

6 24.12.1995 400 children were charred to death in Dabwali conflagration in Haryana.

6 24.3.1997 Jagadish Sharan Varma became the 27 th Chief Justice of Supreme court

6 6.1.1997 Wheat become dearer by 65 rupees

6 24.7.1997 Laloo Yadav was denied bail by Patna High Court

6 6.1.1999 Cricket Pitch was disturbed by the Shiva Sainiks Preventing Pakistani Cricket team from playing in Mumbai.

6 15.1.1999 Film personality Bartulasi was honoured by the Indian government.

6 24.1.1999 Missionaries burnt alive in Orrissa, 49 people ar rested

6 6.3.1999 A Cargo plane of Air France crashed at Chennai Airport

6 6.4.1999 Two Anna Dramuk Ministers resigned from their posts in the Central Council of Ministers.

6 6.5.1999 Murderer of model Jessica Lal, Manu Sharma


6 15.5.1999 National Democratic Alliance was formed by BJP and its allies.

6 24.5.1999 Guru Hanuman died.

6 6.6.1999 Air attacks on intruders started in Kargil

6 6.7.1999 Army conquered four

important peaks in Kargil War.

6 24.12.1999 Delhi bound plane was hijacked from Kathmandu to Kandhar by Pakistani terrorists.

Events that took place due to the friendly mumber 3 (Mitrank 3)

3 30.01.1948 Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated.

3 21.6.1948 C. Rajgopalachari became the first and last Governor-General of India.

3 21.10.1954 India and France signed an agreement in connection with handing over the French colonies in India to India from 1 Nov. 54.

3 3.12.1956 Neelam Sanjeev Ready was elected President of Indian National Congress

3 21.10.1967 Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia died at the age of 57 years

3 3.5.1969 President Dr.Zakir Hussain died

3 3.12.1971 Battle between India and Pakistan broke

3 21.1.1977 Emergency called off

3 3.6.1977 Four women namely Jayanti Natarajan,Choudhary Ratnamala , D.Suvvanur Renuka, Renuka and Ka mala Sinha inducted inducted into the Central Council of ministers

Neelam Sanjeeve Reddy,

Shankar Dayal Sharma,

Lal Bahadur Shastri,

Rajiv Gandhi

3 21.7.1977 Neelam Sanjeeve Redy became President

3 3.10.1977 Smt. Gandhi arrested

3 30.1.1980 Bharata Ratna award was conferred on Mother Teressa

3 30.6.1981 Satellite Apple was launched in space

3 21.11.1981 Bhaskar 2 was launched in space

3 30.8.1983 INSAT 1 B was launched in space by Americon space Shuttle.

3 21.8.1987 Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma became

Vice President

3 12.6.1990 INSAT 1T was launched successfully

3 21.5.1991 Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated

3 21.6.1991 P.V. Narsimha Rao became Prime Minister

3 3.5.1996 Chandraswami was sent to Tihar Jail.

3 21.4.1996 Smt. Sheela Kaul resigned from the post of Governor of Himachal Pradesh owing to Awas scam

3 30.11.1996 Contract for Sukhoi 30 war plane was signed.

3 30.1.1997 Fifth Pay commission handed over its report to Finance Minister

3 30.3.1997 Congress withdrew its support from the govern ment led by H.D. Deve Gauda.

3 21.4.1997 Samyukta Morcha Sarkar led by Indra Kumar Gujaral was formed

3 3.6.1997 Four women namely Jayanti Natarajan, Rehuka Choudhary,D. Savvanur and Kamala Sinha were inducted in the council of miisters

3 21.1.1999 Bal Thakre post poned his protest to Pakistan Cricket for one year

3. 30.1.1999 Bharat Ratna was awarded to Pt. Ravishankar and Gopinath Bardoloi

3 12.12.1999 Rabri Devi government in Bihar collapsed, Presi dent rule enforced

3 21.2.1999 India and Pakistan criticised terrorism

3 30.3.1999 Tremor in Chamoli

3 3.4.1999 INSAT 2 E launched successfully.

3 12.4.1999 ADMK withdrew its support from the government

3 3.5.1999 Thirteenth parliamentary elections declared to be held in September-October

3 21.5.1999 Sharad Pawar, Sangma and Tarik Anwar formed a new party

3 30.5.1999 Attack on Kargil by Pak army

3 21.7.1999 Samta Party and Lok Shakti merged with Janata Dal

Events that took place due to the friendly number 9 (Mitraak 9)

9 9.12.1946 Constituent Assembly of India came into force.

9 27.5.1964 Jawahar Lal Nehru died

9 27.5.1964 Gulzari Lal Nanda became care taker Prime Minister

9 9.6.1964 Lal Bahadur Shastri became Prime Minister

9 9.6.1964 Lal Bahadur Shastri took oath of office as Prime Minister

9 9.11.1966 Home minister Gulzari Lal Nanda resigned

9 27.8.1969 Darshan Singh Feruman died after remaining on fast for 74 days on Chandigarh issue.

9 27.3.1970 Akali-Jan Sangh coalition government led by Prakash Singh Badal was formed in Panjab

9 27.11.1970 Fourth Parliament was dissolved one year be fore completing its tenure of five years

9 9.8.1971 Twenty year Peace Agreement was signed between India and Russia

9 9.4.1972 Shiromani Akali Dal was formed

9 18.5.1974 Atom bomb was test fired by India in Pokharan.

9 18.1.1971 Prime Minister Indira Gandhi dissolved the parliament and declared the general election to be held in march that year.

9 18.7.1980 Satellite Rohini launched by India with self launching vehicle.

9 9.6.1981 Satellite Rohini caught fire in space.

9 18.12.1988 Rajiv Gandhi was the first Prime Minister to visit China in 34 years.

9 27.3.1993 Harisingh hijacked Hyderabad, Lucknow, Delhi

bound I-C- 439 plane Indian Airlines and landed at Raja Sansi

9 9.5.1994 Fifth Pay commission declared

9 18.1.19996 Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N.T. Rama Rao died

9 27.1.1996 Prithvi test fired successfully

9 27.12.1996 Gyaan Peeth Award was givento Mahashweta Devi for 1996

9 27.4.1997 CBI declared that it would file suit against Chief Minister of Bihar Laloo Prasad Yadav in Fodder Scam.

9 9.1.1999 Cabinet gave its final approval to the draft of Ninth Five Year Plan

9 18.1.1999 Bharat Ratna award was declared to be given to Amartya Sen.

9 18.1.1999 Chief Minister of Arunachal Gegong Apang lost confidence motion.

9 18.2.1999 Supreme Court ordered a dam over Narmada river.

9 9.3.1999 Rabri Devi again came into power in Bihar

9 18.3.1999 35 people killed by terrorists in Jahanabad

9 27.3.1999 Writer and artist Girish Karnad was givenGyaan Peetha Award.

9 9.4.1999 ADMK broke away from BJP Coordinating Co mittee

9 27.4.1999 Avadh Assam Express met an accident at Jukhia railway crossing

9 9.7.1999 India conquered Batalik

Effects of lucky number 8

Radical Lucky Date Series of events

8 8.8.1940 Quit India resolution passed by Congress

8 15.8.1947 India became free

8 30.1.1948 Mahatma Gandhi assassinated

8 26.1.1950 Constitution of India came into force and India became a democratic state

8 9.8.1971 Twenty year peace agreement between India and Russia was signed.

8 18.5.1974 Atom bomb test fired in Pokharan by India.

8 26.6.1975 Aryabhata was launched in space by India.

8 25.6.1975 Emergency declared

8 26.07.1977 Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy became President

8 17.11.1982 Ninth Asian games started in New Delhi.

8 17.05.1983 Satellite Rohini was launched with ASLV3.

Effects of number 1 and 4 Friendly Number of lucky number 8

Friendly Number Date Series of events

1 19.3.1920 First Non-Co-Operation Movement started

1 28.5.1956 French colonies in India were handed over to India

4 9.8.1971 Twenty year Peace Agreement between India and Russia was signed.

4 31.5.1980 India launched its second satellite Rohini-2

1 10.5.1982 Satellite INSAT 1 B was launched. India set it in the orbit.

4 31.10.1984 Smt. Indira Gandhi was assassinated.

1 10.5.1995 Directives for Civil Code of Conduct were passed by the supreme court

4 13.5.1998 Five nuclear bomb were test fired by India in Pokharan

4. 6.5.1920 Famous march to Dandi by Gandhiji

1 2.7. 1972 Shimla agreement signed between India and Pakistan

1 11.2.1977 President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad passed away

1 30.6.1981 Satellite APPLE was launched

1 15.8.1985 Assam agreement

4 20.2.1987 Mizoram and Arunachal became the 23rd 24th state respectively of Indian union.

1 12.6.1990 INSAT-1T was launched successfully

1 31.5.1991 Rajeev Gandhi assassinated

4 5.11.1947 Bharat Ratna Mother Teresa passed away.

Origin of the Number

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A number is closely related to sound and action. The Zero represents the Nirakar Brahma or infinity. In fact, this world has originated from Zero and all the things in the world get themselves merged with it. This Zero is subtle as well as infinite (Sookshma and Vrihad). If we look around us we find that the entire world is circular. The sky looks like a Zero; the earth, air, water, fire and such things look like a Zero. Likewise, our physical constitution is also like a Zero. So, the power of Zero is infinite and this Zero was invented by our saints and sages and today it is accepted by the entire world. Today, we are in the age of computer which is also based on Zero itself. It is called a dot in the language of computer.

The universe originated from zero which was considered to be one and one only. It means that there is some unknown and unseen power that runs and governs this world the way it likes. We call this power Brahm. This Brahm is the only power, however, it is called by different names. The man found only two stars in the sky the Sun and the Moon when he came into existence. So, there are only two seen planets and none else that can guide the mankind. The Sun rises every day, so it has been given the first place and number one represents it. The Sun, the lord of number one, is associated with the soul. This helps man know the Atmashakti (psychic force) of the individual and the community.

The night was created by the Moon and hence it has been given the second place and it represents number two. It stands for worldly pleasure. It bestows reasoning faculty to us. The Sun is considered to be a masculine planet. In real life, the man has been preferential treatment.A woman has two sides – one is of a girl and the other of a woman i.e. wife. Both the sides have their own entities. The Moon is considered to be a feminine planet and a woman has Kalaas like Moon. A woman becomes Shuddha (clean) after twenty-seven days like the Moon that transits over all the constellations in 27 days.

The man came to know the power of Brahm when found the sky, the earth and the waters and thus number three came into existence. So, this number three was considered to be the number of vastness and Jupiter was accepted as its lord. Jupiter is associated with the soul. This makes people know the vastness of the world and the soul. We have only three gods who are the lords of Trishakti-desire, knowledge and performance. There are three attributes in these three powers i.e. Trishakti. Lord Brahma is Satoguni having the qualities of goodness and purity. Lord Vishnu is Rajoguni and Lord Shiva is Tamoguni. All the three lords have three powers-creation, protection and destruction respectively. Or, desire the Brahmi Shakti, Performance Vaishnavi and knowledge is that of Gauri. All these three powers represent Moon, Sun and Fire respectively. The three stages of life i.e. childhood youthfulness and old age are also represented by these three powers. In childhood, body of a boy or a girl grows up like the Kalaas of the Moon, in youthfulness, it shines like the Sun and senility leads towards fire i.e. destruction. In the body of a man or a woman, Ida, Pingala and Sushumha are the nerves more important than the others. The man has only three Karmas (deeds) Sanchit (accumulated), Prarabdha (destiny) and Aagaami.

When the man opened his eyes wide in the world he found four directions, from which emerged number four. This number of four represents four streams of the Vedas, four sub sections or divisions of theirs and four castes in the society. The number was entrusted to Rahu or Herschel the symbol of change, of aggressiveness. Herschel is associated with worldly pleasure. This gives elan vital (Jeevan Shakti) to the man. The number represents the four states (Jaagrataadivastha). All the four religions, four places of pilgrimage are merged into this number. There are four kinds of the body vegetation i.e. sprouting from beneath the ground (udbhijja) tree, sweat born (swedaja) – worm and insect, born out of an egg (Andaja) – serpent, fish, bird and born from the womb. We have four treasures- Annamay, mental (Manomaya), consisting of knowledge or science (Viggyanmay), consisting of happiness (Anandmay).

After this the man came to know the five elements essential for life, of which the body consists – earth, water, fire, air and ether. Then he knew the five attributes-sound, touch, form, taste and smell. Then five deities were descended to represent these five attributes and thus came number five into existence. The god gives us knowledge, wisdom and voice. Mercury became the lord of number five. Mercury stands for mental happiness. It makes the man know the wisdom and conscience. This number of five represents our Panchshaktis, Panch Ratnas, Panch Vanas, Panch Kamdeva, Panch Kalaas, Panch Makaaras, Panch Bhootas, Panch Richas, Panch Pranas etc.

Then came tastes of which there are six kinds – sweet, salty, bitter, acridity, astrigent and sour. There are six kinds of philosophy-education, form, grammar (Vyakaran), Nirukti, Chhand and Astrology (Jyotish) or Vedanta, Sankhya, Meemamsa, Vaisheshik, Nyaay and Logic. There are six Amnaayas – Poorvaamnaay, Dakshinaamnaay, Paschimaamnaay, Uttaraamnaay, Urdhvaamnaay and Adhamaanaay. All the seasons are six in number. Likewise, there are six kinds of plseasure, six treasures, six Dakinis, six paths, Shatkon Yantra and six bases. The number of six was entrusted to Venus. Shukracharya was versed in Mritasanjeevani, Tantra-Mantra and sixty-four Kalaas, which are all under the influence of Venus. Venus renders mental pleasures. It affects directly the sentiments and emotions of the mankind. All the glory, virility, reputation, Shree(prosperity), knowledge and form are the six qualities Samashti (totality) of which is called Bhagya. Hunger, thirst, grief, Moh(infatutation), period of old age and death are the six stages of the body. This number of six denotes the veins, bones and MAJJA, blood, skim and flesh of the body of a person.

As the man started watching the sky, he got acquainted with the Saptarshi. He found seven rivers and their seven streams. He knew the seven notes of music and thus the number of seven was introduced. All these are the Saptaloka(the seven worlds) of ours. There are seven ways to hell. Planet Ketu or Neptune is considered to be the lord of this number of seven. Neptune gives mental happiness. It gives the man imaginative faculty. The number of seven represents Saptaloka, seven mountains, seven seas, seven planets, seven kings, Saptrishis, seven Samidhas(sacrificial firewood), Saptajihvas of fire, seven horses of the chariots of the sun, seven colours and seven metals.

The man started worshipping Ashta Bhairavas, Ashta Siddhis and Ashta Peethas to protect all the things stated above. This number is said to be under the influence of Saturn, who either afflicts the man or gets him free from agonies and afflictions. Saturn gives material happiness. It has the powers to weaken the body of the man. There are eight Vasus (serpents), eight mothers, Asht Nadis and Marmas, Asht Gandhas, Asht Paashaas(chains) – Ghrina (abhorrence), Lajja (modesty), Bhaya (fear), Shoka (Grief), Jugupsa (disgust), Kul (lineage), Sheel (moral conduct) and Jaati (caste).All the living beings are surrounded by these Paashas. They, who are free from these, are Sadaashiva.

After this the man came to know the nine godesses, nine gems (Nava Ratnas), Nava Nidhis, Nawa Rashas, Nava Pravas, and all of these are governed by this number of nine. This number was established to be independent and free and planet Mars is its lord, who is the commander of planetary system. Mars is associated with the soul. It makes the man know the feelings in him. The sum total of numbers cannot be more than nine. All the calculations or geometrical formula are based on this theory. Some examples are being cited below :

Seven ages 172800=9

(Sat Yuga Praman)

Era of Treta 1296000=9

(Treta Yuga Praman )

Era of Dwapar 864000=9

(Dwapar Yuga Praman)

Era of Kali 432000=9

(Kali Yuga Praman)

Nakshatra Maas (sidereal months) 1809=9

Days in a year 360=9

Degrees in Bhachakra (zodiac) 360=9

Moon Nakshatra 27=9

Phases of Nakshatras (constellations) 108=9

Planets 9=9

Saur Maanav Years 4320000=9

in a Mahayuga

Bhaganas(solar period) of the Sun 4320000000=9

in a Kalpa

Bhaganas(solar period) of the Moon 5775333300=9

in a Kalpa (era)

We use rosary to chant Mantras, which is made of 27, 54 or 108 beads. The sum total of these numbers also happens to be 9. A man breathes 21600 a day i. e. in 24 hours. Sum total of which is 9. It is supposed that there are 72000 Nadis in our body. Here also the sum total of these Nadis is 9 Similarly, the Sum total of 18 Puranas, and 108 Upanishadas is 9 respectively.

There is a theory in Tantra according to which this world is Trigunatmak. See the calculation in this regard given below:

Nakshatra Maas 1809=9

Yugeeja Sawan days 1830=3

Days of 62 Chandra Maasaas 1830=3

Sawan days in 95 Years 34770 = 3

Days in 1178 Chandra Maasas 34770=3

Tithi 1830= 3

Kshaya Tithi 30=3 Vriddha Nakshatra 21=3

Maasas (Months) 12=3

Days in a month 30=3

Degrees in a sign 30=3

Signs 12=3

Vipalas or seconds 60=3

Palas or minutes 60=3

Ghatis 60=6

Hours 24=6

Vikalas 60=6

Kalas 60=6


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